Terms and Conditions

Initial Term. We require an initial term of 3 months. For this you pay just
$397 per month, once to start, and then subsequently each month on
your signup date.

Ongoing Subscription. Prior to the end of your initial 90 days (we’ll remind you
ahead of time), if you decide to extend your initial engagement, we will bill
continue to bill you $297 each month on your signup date.

Termination. Following your 90 day initial term, you can cancel at any time with
just 30 days notice. We require this notice to wind-down your project and
smoothly transition you off of our system.

You fund your Facebook budget. You pay this directly to Facebook. We are not
“marking up” your ad cost. Note: It is vital for your success with our system
that you keep Facebook funded.

You control your Facebook budget. We will never exceed the budget you’ve set.
We will provide our best recommendations and will manage to whatever
number you set, but a minimum of $5/day is required for full operation, and it is
almost always to your benefit to spend twice that ($10/day). Whatever you
choose, we will allocate your budget to campaigns based on our analysis and
experience, but it is always subject to your review and approval.

Suspension and Resumption. Any monthly billing over 5 days past due will
result in suspension of the service. Rest assured that this will not happen as a
surprise: your account manager will be contacting you with 24 business hours
of any failed invoice.

Pausing Service. There is no provision to “take a break” from Full Funnel
Marketing. We have direct costs in starting and stopping service for you, so if
you elect to stop for any amount of time, for fundamental technical and
workflow reasons, we must treat that as a cancellation.