Question: How do you improve relationship with your customer?
Answer: You ask your customer to give their feedback.

IS There Any Reporting Available?


Our web-based Reporting Service helps you track and manage your performance by transforming your feedback into data analytics that are clear and actionable.

Intuitive charts and graphs help you pinpoint issues and uncover causes, and trending data makes measuring and validating your improvement actions effortless.

Learn Alot More About Your Customer "Share In Location Interaction Reports"

A stylized, ready-made summary report that displays your feedback results by your choice of location and time period. Display near the Smiley Terminal, on notice boards, screens, in company meetings or common areas, so your customers and employees can see the outcome of their feedback.

Creates meaningful relationships with Customers
Encourages continued inputs
Builds trust through transparency
Promotes loyalty and brand reputation

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Smilie-Face Customer Feedback Survey is one of the best and most effective ways to get instant feedback from customers using your service.

Let us show you how to improve your business with Happy-Or-Not Smilie Face Survey.

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