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Marisoft Inc is a USA based technology company with vast experience in SDK programming and Workflow Analysis. Customizing forms to fit your business model as well as developing connectivity with third party applications are our core competency. We can work with you on any small to large scale projects without the high cost associated with consulting firms.

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There are lots of other reasons to use Marisoft

Marisoft has experience in most aspects of your mortgage management including point of sale, processing, underwriting, closing and funding. While two companies may not use the same set of workflows and processes, however the goal always is to create the most effective and efficient workflow for maximum productivity. Some of our strengths maybe summaries below:

  • We extend the productivity of Encompass by proposing functionalities you need to maximize efficiency in your business
  • Using the new API or REST API (as the new industry standard) from Encompass we integrate with your External Vendors and business partners
  • We build and deploy custom applications that extend the usability and capability of your Encompass installation
  • We propose processes and additional systems to maximize workflow efficiency and automation.

While there is no one solution that fits all companies, we carefully listen to your needs  and our team will use our experience. to provide the most effective solutions to maximize your success and provide you with the highest ROI in your investment with us.


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