Easy Monthly Payments

  • To get started, pay just $1293 for your first month. You are billed monthly on your anniversary date in months 2 and 3 to
    complete your 90 day setup period.
  • Months 4 and beyond are automatically rebilled just $297 for the complete, top to bottom, Full Funnel Marketing service.
  • After your 3 month initial setup period, you can cancel at anytime with just 30 days notice.
  • You fund and control your Facebook budget! We’ll provide our best recommendation and will manage to whatever
    number you set, but you are always in control. A minimum of $5/day is required for full operation, but we generally
    recommend twice that for best performance. Whatever you choose, we will allocate your budget to campaigns based
    on our analysis and experience, but it is all subject to your review and approval. We will also alert you to additional
    opportunities to grow as we find them!