Full Funnel Marketing

  • Expand your reach on both search and social,
  • Increase the total non-paid traffic to your site,
  • Improve the responsiveness of your email list,
  • Get more email subscribers,
  • Grow the strength of your brand,
  • Reduce your cost of leads and sales, and
  • Add revenue to your bottom line.

There are lots of other reasons to use Marisoft

Marisoft has experience in most aspects of your mortgage management including
point of sale, processing, underwriting, closing and funding. While two
companies may not use the same set of workflows and processes, however the
goal always is to create the most effective and efficient workflow for maximum
productivity. Some of our strengths maybe summaries below:

  • We extend the productivity of Encompass by proposing functionalities you need to maximize efficiency in your business
  • Using the new API or REST API (as the new industry standard) from Encompass we integrate with your External Vendors and business partners
  • We build and deploy custom applications that extend the usability and capability of your Encompass installation
  • We propose processes and additional systems to maximize workflow efficiency and automation.

While there is no one solution that fits all companies, we carefully listen to
your needs  and our team will use our experience.
to provide the most effective solutions to maximize your success and provide
you with the highest ROI in your investment with us.

Buying online is as natural as having a mobile phone.

Millions of transactions are performed online everyday. The best solutions for ecommerce are
the ones that simplify the buying process and create a headache free sale for the merchant.
Marisoft has been creating online stores for 2 decades. Our customers are large and small startups that have a dream of having a successful ebusiness. Marisoft brings your brick and morter business online with simple and yet effective solutions and minimal out of pocket costs.

After the creation of the your brand in social media, you have now a new start.

Social Media is one of the only ways you are given the opportunity to interact with your customers
live 24x7x365. Wether you are selling something online or you have a online business , your brand
is under the microscope. The first action then is to create your brand in social media but next is to
market your brand on social media by creating positive conservations about you. Be online and be
ready to give your input in any conversation your brand is mentioned. Always be positive and always
mention people by name. At GCM we develop your brand image and then assist you to market your
brand on social media. There are no short-cuts. Either we show you how to do it or we do it for you. Those are your options.

To start just press the blue button below and lets start a conversation to see if there is a fit.
You may alternatively call or skype us. Our numbers are in the footer of this page.

What is next?

Next we have to bring the elements of design tactics used in your brand into social media
development. This will help the audience instantly recognize and associate your social media
presence to your brand.

Below is an example of how we associate colors and images of the brand in social media.